Paraplü is the contact and information centre for immigrants and local Steyr residents living in Steyr, dealing with a variety off issues concerning migration and cultural transformation.

Among our regular activities you will find:

German Courses

Every semester we offer German Courses for beginners and at various advanced levels as well as literacy courses and a mother-and-child German Course. The majority of our German Courses are funded by the Upper Austrian Government. According to the local Government guidelines we cannot accept any vouchers allotted via the "integration contract” (integrationsvereinbarung).

Translation Pool

Local Administration, Clubs and Educational Institutions can make use of our non-professional Interpretation Service. Our non-professional interpreters are native speakers, living locally, who have gained experience in translating from their native tongue to German and vice versa. These interpreters are not certified interpreters, so they are not allowed to accredit certificates. Our Pool of Interpreters is financed by the Steyr City Council. Therefore only local services can make use of our Translation Pool. Individuals cannot ask directly for our services but can recommend us to one of the official authorities entitled to use our services.
We are currently offering translation services in the following languages: Turkish, Bosnian- -Croatian-Serbian, Russian, Albanian, Romanian, Hungarian, Farsi.

  • Intercultural morning
    Monthly morning meetings based on topics of interest to women and men of all ages. This is a good opportunity for local and immigrant people to get together irrespective of their background and station in life and to learn more about Steyr as well as living in Steyr and abroad. Children are welcome!
  • Integrationsfest
    Our annual "Integrationsfest" which regularly takes place in November in Museum Arbeitswelt has become an integral part of Steyr’s cultural life. Here guests from Steyr and all over the world can enjoy a wide variety of activities from international dancing groups, to exceptional musical performances, to an international buffet.
  • International Language Café
    Every year, at the start of spring, our "International Language Café" takes place in the Dominakerhof where people with different mother tongues living in Steyr invite the people of Steyr to so-called "language tables”.

We always welcome new ideas or help of any kind from the Steyr international community!